Vehicle Customization:

Iron Lion customs excel in transforming vehicles to suit individual preferences and style. This includes exterior modifications, such as body kits, spoilers, custom paint jobs, vinyl wraps, and unique graphics.

Performance Upgrades

Iron Lion customs specialize in enhancing a vehicle's performance capabilities. This may involve engine modifications, turbocharging or supercharging, exhaust system upgrades, suspension enhancements, brake upgrades, and tuning for increased power and improved handling.

Classic Car Restoration:

Iron Lion customs often have expertise in restoring and preserving classic cars. This involves meticulous attention to detail in refurbishing the vehicle to its original specifications or customizing it while retaining its vintage charm.

Interior Customization:

Iron Lion customs offer interior modifications to create a personalized and comfortable driving experience. This can include custom upholstery, seat modifications, dashboard and console enhancements, audio system upgrades, and ambient lighting installations.

Body Repairs and Painting:

Iron Lion customs provide repair services for vehicles involved in accidents, including panel beating, dent removal, and frame straightening. They also offer professional paintwork, color-matching, and refinishing services for a flawless finish.

Custom Fabrication:

Iron Lion customs are equipped to handle custom fabrication projects, such as creating one-of-a-kind parts, custom body panels, roll cages, exhaust systems, or other unique components to meet specific design requirements.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics:

Iron Lion customs can apply vinyl wraps to vehicles, allowing for a wide range of custom designs, colors, and finishes. They can also create and install unique graphics, decals, or branding elements for commercial purposes.

Vehicle maintenance and services

Iron Lion customs also offer routine maintenance services, such as oil changes, fluid checks, brake servicing, and general inspections. They may also provide performance-focused maintenance, tuning, and dyno testing.

Consultation and Design:

Iron Lion customs provide consultation and design services, working closely with clients to conceptualize their vision and create a plan for their custom project. This can include design sketches, 3D renderings, and cost estimates.

Specialty Builds:

Iron Lion customs take on specialty projects, such as building custom show cars, hot rods, or unique concept vehicles. These projects require innovative design, fabrication, and customization skills.


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